our college motivate the students on social service programs like blood camp....its very useful to the people....

RAMYA August 13, 2017

Dance Event

It is very good event.. we enjoyed a lot.

Jyothisri August 21, 2017

blood camp

good event sir.... continue these events for save poor people

supraja October 19, 2017

Food Fest

It's very nice program which i have never seen... Thanks

Chandu October 21, 2017

cultural activities

we enjoyed a lot in rangoli compition and diwali celebrations

jyothi November 15, 2017

blood camp

very good event conducted by our college great sir....

susmitha November 15, 2017


Very Nice program conducted by our college...tnq to my teachers and directer sirs......

suma December 5, 2017

food fest

nice event ....we enjoyed a lot

priyanka December 5, 2017

Food Fest

Food Fest is very Nice program with a good atmosphere which was conducted by our college. 

Deepthi December 16, 2017

food fest

it's nice program

vinod December 28, 2017

cultural activities

nice events conducted by kist college

praveena January 4, 2018


we enjoyed a lot in college....tnq to my director sirs for providing a good sport kit

poojitha January 5, 2018

Hobby Club

Excellent Performances done here .... it's a very proud moment to us for doing this activity ... we are all happy at this moment ... Thank you Directors 

Kumar January 6, 2018

food fest

nice event ....we enjoyed a lot

priyanka January 6, 2018

hobby club

we are enjoyed a lot in these hobby club event we will improve our skills and knowledge and explore their potential in areas like music dance....

narendra January 11, 2018


we will enjoyed a lot in sports meet...

pallavi January 21, 2018


Good Programme... Sir Thank you 

Prasadh February 5, 2018

Cultural Activities

In Our City, our college is best college to make such a good cultural activities ... i liked very much because the way they make our  program is very nice ... 

Krishnasri February 15, 2018

Save Girls Save Life

It is Very Good Event ... We Get to know our values through this Ocassion .. Very Useful Event Conducted by our College.

Sukanya February 22, 2018


we enjoyed a lot in my college because of our play ground ,we play everyday,,,,i love my college thanks to our director sirs...

KIRAN February 23, 2018


Awesome Event ... We Enjoyed a lot . Super program...

Deepak February 28, 2018